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helped Auspex with fvMegatron

got lost

went to the Nexus with Hormah

Auspex and Primus helped me rest when I got home

pink rain

sat with Auspex and Tessera for awhile

asked a question in the Nexus. And then talked to Auspex afterward.

learned to fly

accidentally went back to the dressing room, and met another Starscream clone

found out that Megatron and Starscream have been reformatted

spoke with a mech named Jetstorm in the Nexus

I have a charge. I brought her to the dressing room after school to get her some fuel.

Blackarachnia came for Myrrh, who wasn't here

met a little girlbot named Rock in the Nexus

asked some questions in the Nexus

met Optimus Primal at the sanctuary

spoke with Galvatron and with Databurst as I sat on the front steps with Cloudtrader

spoke to a Blitzwing who leads all Transformers in his reality

pasgetti for Auspex

cookie for Auspex

helped Hormah help someone

Hormah had guests at her sanctuary

took care of Hormah's sanctuary while she was away. First day

helped her on the second day. Also talked to the little techno-organic named Nightscream

answered a Nexus question about letting go

spoke to a young human girl in the question nexus

spoke to a Slipstream in the dressing room


went to see Bob

went to the Nexus with Swindle and Blitzwing. Saw Myrrh

found another interesting place

and talked to somebody there

talked to somebody in the dressing room

I asked a question in the Nexus! Disturbia went with me

there was a man in the sign nexus asking advice on getting a new hand

I talked to a big boat!
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