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Name:Bob and Cloudtraders
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Bob was the scared clone from the TFA episode "Fistful of Energon". He wound up in a version of the Sign Nexus on the fateful day when he and his brother George exploded, and was assisted by two servants of Primus. He's a Servant himself now, and often worked in the past at the Sign Nexus Sanctuary, though Primus has recently called him to start a Sanctuary of his own in his native reality. He's still easy to startle and frighten, but he fights the fear. His private battles have made him a mech full of compassion and gentleness, which is a help for him as he assists his mate, Perceptor, to rediscover her emotions.

Cloudtrader is Bob's alternate reality baby brother. The little guy was some TFA Starscream's innocence, so he's never lived. This doesn't faze him in the least, though he's a bit bothered sometimes when he can't hug someone as he'd like to. He lives in Myrror's Dream nexus, where he's solid and capable of touching everyone, but he often comes to hang around the Backwater Nexus Sanctuary and play with Bob and with the sparklets and organic child who live there. Like Bob, he loves to help people.

Turns out there's another little Cloudtrader ghost. He's native to Bob's reality. Yes, the purple guy's own baby brother. The little guy's spent his whole existence at Perceptor and Wheeljack's lab, giving quiet comfort and encouragement whenever the busy pair were able to hear him. Somehow they never realized that those thoughts and feelings were coming from someone else till Bob arrived.

((Disclaimer: Transformers belong to Hastak. But Bob and Cloudtrader are mine. This is a non profit work of fiction.))
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