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Wind beneath my wings...

Bob: *crumpled on the floor, whimpering with pain and surprise*

Auspex: *leans over to look down at him with concern* What happened?

Bob: ...door frame.... >_<

Auspex: *glances up at the offending door, wincing as she kneels next to her charge. She pats his shoulder* Well... it will take some getting used to, I suppose....

Bob: *squeaky exhale as he lifts his head to look at her, feeling sad, uncertain, and confused* They don't feel like part of me.

Auspex: *offers him her hand to help him sit up, wincing slightly* You went without them for too long. This should have been done sooner... you were created to be a flier. *she looks somewhat contrite, probably wishing she'd done something or said something, earlier on*

Bob: *sits shakily, then pat pats her gently with his other hand* Don't feel bad. If it were important Primus would have spoken to us about it. *winces again himself and looks over his shoulder* Did I hurt them?

Auspex: *reaches over to inspect the nearest one carefully* I don't think so. You're armored well enough, I don't think a few doorway-bashings will damage them too badly. *she smiles faintly* I've not heard of that happening, anyway. *glances over to peer at the other wing*

*The welds, though new and sensitive, are well and skillfully done. They've withstood their collision with the strength expected of Seeker wings*

Bob: *gives a faint sigh of relief, though he's still feeling some pain* Good... that's good.

Auspex: *rubs his shoulder ruefully* I wish there was a less painful way for you to learn to deal with them. But hopefully you will, soon enough.

Bob: *eying the doorway and mentally comparing it to the hallway and the door of his room* I got this far safely....

*though Auspex probably heard the soft 'ouch' as he left his room*

Auspex: *smiles fondly, giving his shoulder another pat, before climbing to her feet again* It will get better. I'm glad that you're flight-capable again, in any case.

Bob: *thoughtfully as he carefully gets up himself* I wonder if I'm afraid of heights? *flash of fear, and then resolve as he once more makes to navigate the garden door, and succeeds*

Tessera: Weeee! *happyhappyhappy* ^_^

Bob: *looks over shoulder with surprise*

Auspex: *looks a bit nonplussed for a moment* might be. At least we have friends who can fly, they may be able to work with you on that, should it come up.

*she pauses to blinkblink down at her chiproach passenger. She chuckles softly* I suppose making it through a doorway unscathed is a cause for celebration....

Tessera: *HAPPY!* *skitters up to Auspex's cheek and gives her a tastetaste kiss*

Bob: *kneeling in thoughtful prayer over in his favorite sunny corner. It looks like he's aiming for a nap*

Auspex: *watches him silently for a few moments, attempting to discern his mood, and if she should stay nearby*

Bob: *is largely content, a little more than normally fearful, and very determined. He's not in distress right now*

Tessera: *chirp chirp chirp taste chirp....*

Auspex: *decides he's all right; she'll leave him alone for awhile - he seems to wish to pray, besides. Giving Tessera an absent scritch, she turns back inside, wandering back toward the main room*

*an hour or so passes in silence broken only by Tessera's babble and Auspex's own movements. And then....*

Bob: *blind terror!*

Auspex: *optics widen at the sudden rush of fearful emotion, having a good idea who it's coming from. She's immediately on her feet and hurrying toward the source*

*the garden is empty and silent, but far overhead comes the faint sound of a shout in a deep voice and the far off thwap of twin rotors. The terror increases.*

Auspex: *brow furrows as she reaches the garden, finding it empty. She reorients on the emotion, catching hints of another aspect, as well... straight up? What's going on? If there is danger, she'll help no one if she leaves the temple and gets herself injured....*

*from above comes the sputtering of a jet engine, followed by a healthy roar and a burst of surprise and hope. Encouragement increases as the deep shout comes again*

*Concentration and determination follow, and a rush of Primus reassurance....*

*And a purple Harrier shoots overhead*

Auspex: *optics go round with surprise. She immediately turns and hurries the full length of the temple, optics on the sky as she steps over the threshold of the main door. She looks for Bob, and someone who is most probably Requiem....*

Requiem: *roars over in hot pursuit of his pupil* PULL UP! PULL YOUR SLAGGING NOSE UP!!!!!

Bob: *scared again! And then.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!* *wonder, exultation, and fear bombard the watching femme*

Auspex: *and there they are. She watches in amazement, partly worried, partly hopeful, unconsciously drawing closer to her link to Primus for reassurance, as she watches a magenta Earth plane attempt to take its first real flight. She can feel the complicated mix of emotions, understands it well, and she's watching in her own conflict for the moment, but letting them be. Bob is a Seeker, he is strong.*



Tessera: *little confused sound as her feelers wave*

Bob: *wobbles but maintains control, ignoring the growing pain in his wings as he works on leveling out and slowing down. His glee is growing... the feel is nearly like that a butterfly might feel at coming from its crysalis*

Auspex: *can indistinctly hear Requiem's somewhat demanding instruction, but she resists the temptation to comm him, and lets both of the flying Decepticons concentrate. So far, Bob seems to be doing well. A little smile begins to appear on her face, as she takes a moment to carefully pat the chiproach* Bob is flying....

Tessera: :o *Her tiny head rises as she searches the sky, and then she's nearly beside herself with glee as she spots the fast moving specks*

Requiem: *suddenly trying every way in his power to let Bob know that he wants him to land NOW!*

Bob: *totally oblivious as he works out steering and altitude adjustment*

Requiem: *finally TO'd enough to send a shot over Bob's nosecone*

Bob: *TERROR! Slows, transforms, and dives for the ground*

Tessera: :o! *Babbling fervently* Bob!

Auspex: *is a little concerned, when Bob doesn't respond. She startles, with a little hiss, as Requiem finally resorts to shooting at him! Of course he intended to miss, but she's not exactly thrilled with his method of getting the other mech's attention. She winces at Bob's answering fear, hurrying toward the spot he's headed for, though keeping her distance for now*

Requiem: *hauling the frightened Seeker out of his hiding place and turning him so that he can see his wings*

Bob: *just scared, everything else forgotten*

Auspex: *runs to them, brow furrowed in concern, though her delight in seeing Bob flying still lingers* Are you all right? *She's not sure who she's asking. Both, perhaps.*

Requiem: *intent on one wing in particular for a moment more before he nods and looks up* Yeah. It was vibrating pretty badly, but he hasn't wrenched it loose.

Bob: ...Help....

Auspex: *nods in somewhat dismayed understanding, while she carefully wraps an arm around Bob's shoulders, avoiding his wings* It's all right, you did beautifully....

Requiem: *lets go of him and then in his congratulatory joy forgets himself and gives the Seeker a gentle slap upside the head* Good job!

Bob: *blinks, then clings to Auspex and hides his face*

Requiem: *confused, facepalms, looks around quickly and mutters about being a dead mech if his sister finds out*

Tessera: *encouraging babble from Auspex's helm*

Auspex: *smiles a bit, seeing that Bob is more overwhelmed than anything; she wraps her arms around him, looking up over his helm at Requiem, with a raised brow* How exactly did you initiate this, then?

Requiem: *shrugs* He asked for help learning to fly, so I took him up and dropped him.

Auspex: *just gives him an even look, for several moments, before dropping her gaze with a fondly exasperated sigh* I suppose I should have expected that. Well... he's still in one piece, and it looks like he did well, though I'm not much of an authority on flying. But really, you should be careful of frightening him like that...

*her scolding is very light; she suspects that may have been as good a way to introduce Bob to flying, as any - he would be fearful, however the subject was approached. Still, she watches him with some concern*

Requiem: *shifts his feet, abashed before the femme who is so much smaller than he is. Then he looks at her again* Yeah... he did really well; the instinct's there. *hesitates* Do you want me to carry him back?

Auspex: *frowns a bit, gently nudging the Seeker, speaking to him quietly* Bob? Are you all right? Do you have enough inertia to walk with me, or would you rather have Requiem carry you?

Bob: *slowly becoming aware of his aches, especially of the fact that it feels like his back is on fire. This frightens him. He does, however, manage to lift his head and look at her*

Auspex: *blinkblinks, wincing as she gazes back. That answers that...* should probably carry him, I think.

Requiem: *rumbling wordlessly as he gently scoops the smaller mech into his arms, then looks to her to lead the way*

Bob: *wants to curl up and hide. Is too tired*

Auspex: *gives Requiem a brief, but reassuring smile* He's exhausted, I think. He'll be all right. *she picks her way over the plain, heading back to the temple, glancing back at them every so often, until they're all safely inside*

Requiem: *nodding and relaxing as he steps over the threshold* Bed?

Auspex: *glances up again at the rather limp Seeker in Requiem's arms* That's probably best. He looks so tired... *she chuckles ruefully* But he's done a great thing.

Requiem: *heading for Bob's room* Hormah says it takes guts to face life when you're scared stupid.

Bob: *faint spark of 'heh' before he fades toward recharge. His pain is growing. He really did push too hard for the first time on brand newly installed wings*

Auspex: *quirks a brow, but nods* That is a uniquely Hormah-like way of putting it, but yes. Bob's made so much progress in conquering his fears..

*she reaches the door to Bob's room, turning as she frowns slightly* I think he's starting to react a bit to some pain. That is normal?

Requiem: *lays him down carefully on his face, then gently pulls his carpet over him. Pauses a moment at Auspex's question, then looks at her with one browplate quirked* His wings aren't even healed yet. So, yeah, it probably hurts like slag, sir.

Auspex: *winces, nodding* I thought, perhaps. *she lets the 'sir' slip by, finding it ridiculous, but isn't sure it's worth correcting*

Well... thank you for the impromptu lesson. Perhaps we should find a better way to stop and start them, though. *she smiles gently at the large Decepticon, grateful for his help, despite the depleted and pained state of the resident Seeker. She peeks under the carpet to find Bob's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. She's proud of him.*

Requiem: *a little confused. That had been how Blackout had introduced him to the air....* Do you want me to get the pain override thing?

Bob: *blinks and squints at her and manages a ghost of his shy smile as his fingers close around hers in an answering squeeze. Then he's out, his weary processor nearly immediately drawn to nightmares from the pain and the recent excitement*

Tessera: *has managed to get onto Bob and is now babbling to him gently and giving him tastetastes*

Auspex: *winces, somewhat surprised at the increased emotional pain* Nightmares... *she blinks at the big Decepticon with some distraction* That would probably be a good thing, yes, thank you, Requiem.

Requiem: *turns quickly and strides toward the storeroom*

Bob: *starting to move a bit in response to the dreams, he's looking for Auspex where she often is when he's frightened in the night*

Auspex: *moves to perch on the berth beside Bob, rubbing his helm reassuringly. She takes a moment to project to him, sensing Primus' comfort envelope her, even as he reaches to calm Bob's spark. Not alone, I am here...*

Requiem: *returns and silently offers the pain override gun*

Bob: *calming, though his face is still creased with discomfort as he dreams of an explosion and pain and fear*

Auspex: *thanks Requiem with a grateful smile, taking a moment to administer the override, as she's seen Hormah do, before handing it back to her friend* I think I should stay here, until he is more calm. I don't think it will take long.

Requiem: *nods and goes to stand on the roof*

Bob: *fear fades as the override kicks in. Sighs softly and clings to his carpet with one hand*

Tessera: *babbling away softly as her feelers wave*

Auspex: *nods also, watches Requiem leave with this short acknowledgment, in that terse, down-to-business way he often has*

*she sits beside Bob for awhile, patting his helm, sensing the pain of his body fading, and the pain of his mind easing with it. With a final soothing whisper from Primus, she stands, watching her recharging friend for a moment, proud of what he has accomplished in such a short time. She carefully collects Tessera, scritching her fondly, before she wanders away to return to her studies, leaving Bob to rest.*

((Written with primus_seeress from LJ))